2010 Youth Essay Contest Winner

Silver Lake
By Austin Cia
Age 11
St. Helena Elementary School

It was a beautiful summer day, perfect for fishing.  You could hear the birds chirping and the waves wash upon the shore.  The tide was low and it was about 1:00 in the afternoon.  I was sitting on the shore waiting for my uncle to wake up.  We had our poles in the water.  My dad and his friend had walked about a mile down the shoreline.


I was bored because we had been fishing since 6:00 in the morning.  I looked at my uncle who was snoring sound asleep.   Feeling tired, I was about to close my eyes.  I lay down on the sand and looked up in the clear sky watching the birds fly overhead.  I decided to put my pole in the water, I had nothing to lose.  I cast the hook with a live worm.  It flew in the air with a zing and plunged into the water.  I found a couple of rocks and nudged the handle of the pole in between them.  I felt a sigh of relief as I sat down.


It was about 1:45 and I was getting hungry.  We brought a cooler filled with salami, bread, and cheese to the beach.  I got up.  I left my pole and walked over to the cooler in the shade.  I grabbed some bread and walked back over to my spot.  I sat back down on the warm sand and waited sleepily as I ate the bread.


About fifteen minutes later my pole started moving.  I stood up rapidly and ran over to the pole as fast as I could.  I pulled it out of the rocks and felt the shaking line.  I was hoping that this fish would stay on the hook.  I was pretty sure that it had swallowed the hook, so I pulled the pole and hooked him.  I knew that I had the fish now.  I reeled it in slowly.  It took off again.  I remembered that you should reel it in and if it takes off, let it tire itself out.  I saw the fish begin to jump.  It had to be at least 2 feet long!!


I finally reeled it onto the shore and put it in the net.  I turned around and my uncle woke up and was right behind me smiling.  By that time my dad was running towards me with his friend yelling "What is it?"  We all looked at the fish in amazement.  We walked up to the cabin, measured it and weighed it.  In result, it was a 6 pound, 2 ounce, 24 inch rainbow trout.  Now I had to gut it, which isn't my favorite part.


Out of that trip we caught 25 trout in 5 days.  I will always remember that fish.  It was the biggest fish that I have ever caught.  It was a golden weekend at Silver Lake.